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dj mirateck

Hashim, are you serious? I've been following the debate and I didn't think you would jump on Bomani with this one.

I think any show that has the audacity to do what The Boondocks has done in its short run deserves to be appluaded, if not only because it has sparked debate (and in this case incited full blown dialogue).

The show has to be watched in context to all the other garbage out there. Like the comic, you have to take every episode in context to pop culture, the news, etc.

I do agree that this past week's episode was controversial, but I could not have imagined a scene where an animated MLK could have made a more poignant statement. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT. I mean, it's MLK using the "n" word- call Nightline! Call CNN! Have all the white folks talk about it and bring down Aaron McGruder- a thus far successful African-American- and have them cancel Boondocks and have all those people of color continue to watch their BET.

It was supposed to be controversial from the start and prompt some reflection... what WOULD MLK really think this day in age? Would he be another Bill Cosby? With what he went through in the Civil Rights era still in memory, would you blame him?

Lord Darkness

People who practice too much Iconolatry ( I just made the word up), worshipping of their icones to the extend of immobilism are doom to be stuck in time.

We have too much Comic View and not enough Boondocks.

Aaron does some stupid stuffs now and then in his comics, but doing what he's doing now on the restricted accessibility of Adult Swim is not off base, according to me.
We Black people are watching people watching what we are saying and doing so much that we becoming an unidimentional community

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yeah I don't know Hashim, it seems to me like Bomani is arguing that we shouldn't be aloud to critique ignorant behavior. like I said on Bol's post, I know plenty of people who act like ignorant fools and they're neither rich nor underclass. And there are few things I hate more than boughie black people...


Nice blog. wanna trade links holmes?


Hashim, (granted, I haven't seen the Boondocks episode being discussed) you say you stopped laughing when Chris started talking about black people and niggas, I loved that part cause I think Chris was pushing (either consciously or sub-conciously) for people to "stop using the word nigga", i.e. how the heck can nigga be a term of endearment? I'm not saying I dont use nigga in a similar manner like yourself but i'm just saying when "nigger" was thought up all that time ago it was for degrading of the "lesser humans"!


I really can't believe what I am actually reading we are actually questioning the brillant thoughts of Mr. McGruder. If all we got from that episode is MLK using the word nigger then we as a people need to truly wake up. The only people who will critique our culture as a whole with clear and unbiased opinions happens to be us. If you ride through your city ahat ever city it is you can clearly see the diffrence between true black people and niggers. If Martin Luther King was alive today I'm sure he will have some choice words for the niggers in our society. So sure lets just join the Bill O'Rielly's and just degrade Mr. McGruder who
knows maybe they'll pull the show. But think maybe thats the agenda the whole time keep us uninformed.

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Hashim- stop dick riding other bloggers. Come up with your own opinions instead of rehashing. Oh wait I forgot. Your original material isn't that interesting.

McGruder is not criticizing black people; he's criticizing ignorant people who are black. Get it straight.

By the way, are you Republican? Sounds like you want this show pulled.


aaron is not the real bill cosby and who ever is trying to say that they are is full of shit and needs to back down and away and let the future come to the front view


This isn't the same. Cosby was attacking people of a lower econimic status. Mcgruder was attacking people who act foolishly and ignorantly regardless of their SES. Also, Cosby was speaking from an ill-informed stance, failing to look at the whole picture. Even if not expressly stated at every moment of every episode/ comic strip, Mcgruder's grasp of all sides of the story of race in America infroms his every move. Mcgruder has always been extremely critical of current black popular culture for the way it promotes self-degredation among our youth, but his critiques have never been hurled exclusively at the poor, nor have they been meant exclusively for blacks. A full reading of Mcgruders body of work will show that he is critical of pop culture and its audience members of all classes and colors. I understand your frustration at Mcgruders irreverent portrayal, but let's be serious: he's no Bill Cosby.

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